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A little about me - my name is Adolfo Chavez III, but everyone calls me Killy (Kee-Lee). It's a baby name - given to me by my dad as an infant. It stuck. My family has called me this since I was little and I adopted it full time once I got old enough to realize that people had a difficult time with my given name. Killy was easier to speak and spell.

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My first camera was a Canon AE-1P back in 1990 and I was hooked, blowing through roll after roll of film. I would eventually blow through about 4 of those bodies through my schooling and college journalism career at Texas State University. From schooling I went straight into photo printing, working at various labs in Texas. Eventually, through ups and downs in life and photography, I would land at MD Anderson Cancer Center where my 20+ year career would eventually blossom into what it is now: Associate Director of Photography. I've spent the last 21 years managing people & situations, strategizing & planning, collaborating & building relationships, solving complex short term & long term issues, and most importantly shooting visual content that tells the story of our mission.

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And that is the experience and drive that is behind Killy Photography. Not only a varied and solid portfolio, but a proven track record of collaboration and problem solving. So if you need pictures call ... anyone, but when you have a project and you need someone you can rely on, someone who can make things happen, get in touch with KILLY. I can help.


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