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Killy Newsletter

October 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Back in 2018, I published my first-ever newsletter. It was a larger and much more time consuming undertaking than i had anticipated, but the results - for me - were magical. Taking the time to step back and evaluate what you've accomplished is really important. It gives you the perspective you need to be proud of what you've accomplished, to change what you can and understand your place so that you can move forward. It also happened to be the year that i made some images that i was pretty proud of. If you haven't had an opportunity to browse it, i hope you'll check it out now.

It's been two years (closing in on three!) since i've taken the time to evaluate my place. I'm going to start work on a new newsletter soon. It's time for some perspective on things.

newsletter Front PagenewsletterFrontPageThe cover of the Killy Photography 2018 Newsletter


Photography in the age of COVID

September 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

2020 threw us all a real curveball. No one could have anticipated a global pandemic raging across the world. For me, the impact was swift. In between my work at the hospital and larger commercial shoots, a lot of my day to day work was photographing events. But just like that, *POOF*, events were cancelled and the mid-summer surge here in Houston had most businesses re-evaluating budgets and their workforce.

MD Anderson homepageMD Anderson HomePageMD Anderson's commitment to patient safety is communicated effectively through use of our PPE portrait project on the website homepage

The hospital was no different. Our jobs changed overnight. We were sent home and teams were instructed to begin creating strategies around a remote workforce. As an optimist, it was an exciting time. As a manager it was - and continues to be - a unique challenge to engage staff and maintain the open and transparent communication we've always relied on.

The photography team has risen to the challenged and prospered. At the outset of the pandemic, our requests for photography naturally dropped sharply. Days filled with my running from one end of the hospital to the other were suddenly empty. But i could never sit still. The first thing I did was create a project: i wanted to highlight our institutions response to the pandemic and measures we took to keep our patients safe. Our patient population is the most immunocompromised population in Texas, so we took our PPE seriously. I wanted to highlight that in photos.

Modeled after our marketing brand photography style, we setup a portrait station in a common area and shot every staff member that walked by. It was a huge hit! The project has been used by teams across the institution to help communicate our commitment to patient safety.

We photographed this project back in May 2020. Since then, it's been used in internal communications pieces, public relations projects, and in marketing materials.


Meet Killy

September 27, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

To just about everyone - I am Killy. It was a baby name that eventually stuck because my given name, Adolfo Chavez III, was a mouthful. Killy was just easier to say and so that's who I have grown into: Killy, a people photographer.

Killy, masked 2020KillyKilly, masked

Im also a people person; I always have been. As the Assoc. Director of Photography at MD Anderson Cancer Center, that's come in pretty handy over the years. I spend my days photographing people from all levels of the hospital. I handle executives & physicians just as comfortably as I do our courageous patients & caregivers and our heroic staff. Sometimes it's tricky, getting around such a large place, so it isn't uncommon to find me tucked into a corner around the hospital with a camera in my face. I will find the right place to be, wherever that may be!

Tucked into a corner of the labLaboratory BTSFinding myself tucked into a corner around the hospital is not an uncommon sight. I will find the right place to be, wherever that may be!

But when Im not doing the good work of telling the story of world-class, cancer care at the hospital, im working as an editorial and commercial photographer in Houston. My clientele includes local publications such as Houstonia Magazine and Paper City and commercial clients such as Nike and CenterPoint Energy.

I hope you enjoy the imagery on my site as much as I enjoyed creating it. Im good at showing the heart of a person and I'm good at visually communicating the vision and purpose of a business. I can create photography that will help you communicate your brand to your audience.

Im just an email away - visit my contact page and let's work together to say something to the world!