Project Focus - TMC Pulse Magazine, Ghost Heart

Client: TMC Pulse Magazine
Photography and Production: Killy Photography
Art Direction: Cover photo of Dr. Doris Taylor's work in generative medicine of her ghost heart innovation.
Execution: Scouted the lab and the ghost heart. Identified the approach by shooting a light behind the de-cellularized heart structure resulting in the golden appearance. The heart could not be out of it's liquid for long, so we had to lift it into place at the moment of capture. This required two people. The hands in the photos are from two different lab techs lifting the heart from either side. The background is xmas 'snow' fabric with a slit cut into it directly behind the heart to allow the light to shine through.

Dr. Doris Taylor's Ghost HeartBasketball parkGhost HeartDr. Doris Taylor's Ghost Heart